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    Dog Fights in Dog Run

    My black lab/pit mix dog is now 1.5 years old. Since she was a puppy of about 4 months she was playing in the neighborhood dog run. Around 8 months, she started getting into fights with the other dogs, large and small. She gives almost no warning of when she is going to engage in afight, no growling etc. However, she is completly fine saying hello to dogs on the street when she is on a leash. As a large breed dog, I know she needs more excericise than just walking.

    Any ideas of how I could train her so that she can go back into the dog run. Or should Ijust keep her out of there.


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    Dog fights in dog run?

    Trying to understand whay type of are referring to.? Are the pets allowed to run free and do as they please? did see you gave her free reign over the runs... and at a mature age she began to show that she had the world .

    Have you done any type of basic training with her? She may be a large mix but sounds as if she has begun to take over everything within her young life.

    So Called dog parks are great but dogs do need to have abit of control, and some breeds need to learn how to behave within a community situation . I dont have access to so called Dog Parks where dogs run free and But within my training classes I do give owners the chance to let their dogs play with other dogs. This gives the owners a bit of knowledge on how dogs communicate ect,

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    re: Dog Fights in Dog Run

    The Dog Run is a large fenced in area in the park where the dogs are allowed to run free. The area is divided into two area, one for larger dogs and one for small dogs.

    I have done a basic training course and continue to practice the basic ocmmands with my dog. She is submissive to me and other humans, but doesn't seem to assumes submission with other dogs.

    I am afraid to enroll her in another obedience class because of her upredicatble behavior. Any suggestions?


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    Jsung, Pit bulls are notorious for not getting along with other dogs - they are FABULOUS family dogs, great with kids and people...but they rarely get along well with other dogs. You do not mention if your dog is neutered but I would assume so, since if not that is OBVIOUSLY THE VERY FIRST STEP. A non-neutered dog is a MUCH MUCH MUCH more aggressive dog. So assuming your tyke is neutered, i would suggest that you find another way to exercise your tough guy since it is unlikely that he will stop his aggressive behavior. I hate to say this to you, and of course I could be wrong and you can consult some canine behaviorists, but I rarely ever hear of a dog that gets into dog fights suddenly just stopping or being able to be trained out of it and the fact that this guy is a pit bull just adds to the doubt that he will WANT to stop doing so. The lack of warning is truly another trait of the pit bull. Please do NOT get me wrong here - pit bulls are in my top three most favorite breeds of all time. I absolutely LOVE these dogs...but I don't have one becaue I know that unless they are brought up with the other animal, they rarely coexist well with other dogs. Many shelters will not even adopt a pit bull out to a family that has other animals.

    Please come back and keep us posted, we're very interested in your progress with this. Please also feel free to argue with me. I am not an all-seeing seer, but I can admit to knowing a little about this particular situation.

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    Jsung, there was an amazing show today on National Geographic. It was about this canine behaviorist - Cesar Millan - that works with pit bulls and other normally dog-aggressive dogs. He actually takes the dog and for 6 weeks he teaches them to get along with other dogs. The show was an hour long and quite amazing. He has a pack of about 15-20 dogs and the aggressive dog has to live with that pack. He did all sorts of things - and it was very time consuming but he DID break the dog of canine aggressiveness. You might want to go to the National Geographic website and buy the video of this show. I think it was called The Dog Whisperer.

    Wait a second, I just checked their website and it is going to be on again:
    Dog Whisperer Also airs: Thursday, January 13 and Friday, January 21 at 12:30PM

    I do not know if those shows will be the SAME one I saw today though, as it appears to be a series. This was the show that I saw:

    Episode 11 Emily
    Emily the pit bull had become so quick to attack other dogs in the neighborhood that her owners could no longer walk her. So it's off to Cesar's six-week boot camp to show Emily some manners.

    Just a thought.

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    Cesar Millan is a GENIUS>

    His show comes on eastern time at 6:30 on NCG.

    Worth a watch every single time.

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