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    Using bathroom in crate

    I need help! I have a 5 month old chocolate Lab that needs to be next a human 24/7. He is very emotional and very smart. He is potty trained in the house when we are there...he will wait by the door if he has to go out. We limit the water and food that he takes in before we leave him. We have him in a crate that is rather large and he poops and pees in it. We then built a wood insert so that he had just enough room to sit...he still pooped in it. He hates his cage! He jumps around in it and makes his nose bleed...he will stand up in the cage all night barking. I have tried leaving him in the bathroom and he pee's in there too. He is only in his cage 4 hours at a time. I just don't know what to do! He is an angel as long as he is with someone. Any ideas...PLEASE! I am pregnant now and cleaning him up everyday is making me sick and it is getting OLD!
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    Instead of leaving your dog in there for 4 hrs at a time, take him outside to potty after 2. See if that helps. He's relativly young so he may not beable to hold himself for that long
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    Four houirs for a five month old is a bit long...trying the two hour thing if you can manage it might help....but also the crate is used for potty training and not punishment, right? Just want to make sure....

    The first thing to fix this is that you have to go back to square one again and train the dog correctly from the start. I know, i know, this is a paint in the butt, but fact is that it seems he was not trained correctly from teh beginning hence the trouble you are experiencing now. Here is the exact method for proper crate training:

    If you do that then you will be on the right path.
    Also, where did you get the dog? Is he from a pet store? Dogs that come from pet stores or puppy mills are some of the most difficult to house train because they are "trained" right from teh start to GO WHERE THEY LIVE - something most dogs will not do. However, when living in a cage like at a pet shop they have no choice but to go where they live (int eh cage) and some of the cages are set up so it "drops below". Hence the dog learns to just go thre -s omething a dog brought up outside of this environment will rarely do.

    Keep us posted!



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