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    breeding question

    hi my little chihuahua went in to heat,today the neighbors poodle got hold of her,i stoped them and my friend said if they didn't get stuck that she can't get pregnant,is this true or could she be pregnant....????? please answer,she's due to get fixed next week...[/i][/b]

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    Sorry but your nighbours wrong. Unfortunatly your little chihuahua could well be pregnant. Alot of dogs never tie when mating and successfully get pregnant. My bitch is one of them she never tied once and had 7 pups.

    If I was you I would go to your vets as soon as possible and discuss the options with them to sort your dilema out.

    You said your bitch was to be fixed next week surley the vet isn't preforming this whilst she's in season?


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    just wonderfull

    she is at the end of her heat now another day or two so we set spay for next thursday,but i guess i'l wait now to make sure if she's pregnant or not. the male is a bit smaller than her so if she is it should be ok and i've already got several friends who said if she's preg. they want a little "poo-chi" thanys for your reply....



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