I have just bought an 8 year old male Yorkshire Terrier called chip and I love him to bits. He has been in the house for a week now and he is playful, he can sit, he is house trained and he comes when you call him. However, I have a problem that is conserning me....

If you try and pick him up when he is sitting he starts to growl and if by then you dont back off, he looks like he is ready to attack you. Also if he has something in his mouth whether its a bone, toy or something that he shouldnt have, you can stroke him but if you try and take it out of his mouth he growls and not long after, goes for you. He takes the bone or toy from my hand no problem, just doesnt want to give it back.

I live with my mum and my 3 year old sister doesnt understand about the dog and chip almost attacked her when she tried to move him.

Why is chip doing this? he comes to all family members and sits beside them, calm, relaxed, its just disturbing seeing the oppersite side of him.

Also just quickly, he licks the carpet, the chairs and the pillows on the chairs, why does he do this?

Thanks for any comments!