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Thread: dogs fighting

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    dogs fighting

    i have a spanish mastiff amed draco and hes 1 in half and weighs 155 pounds and still growing. hes my dog so i must care for him . he loves to go on walks and when i take him hes great even though if he wanted he could drag me anywhere. theres this mixed dog around the block that is always out and trys to start fights.this dog is a female so draco wouldnt hurt her.sapnishmastiffs are know for not backing down and being head day my brother was walking him when i was at a rodeo.the dog came up and started a fight my brother let draco go and draco hurt he pretty bad she now walks with a gimp .i told the owners that there dog is always lose and my dog hurt her they didnt care they moved and leaft the dog there .the pound cant catch her what should i do
    thanks for your time

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    Sorry to here that suzy. People like that boil my blood. Unfortunately theres not much you can do for this dog. Whenever you see it out somewhere just keep calling the pound.
    If only man did for dogs what dogs do for man.

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    I would leave some food out for the dog and try to win her confidence enough that you can catch her (if she is not aggressive). You don't say how old you are, so if you are a child, then please forget that advice and discuss this with your parents.

    You can also call some local animal shelters and tell them the story. Sometimes one of them may care enough to come out and try to catch them...

    Keep us posted.



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