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    i found 3 kittens in a shoebox

    i found 3 kittens in a shoe box. a black and white one and black one and a black and white .they didnt even have there eyes open.i was talking to my friends when these girls said they heard a kitten cry i me and my friends went over to the place and i a shoe box was 3 tiny cat toka had just had kittens.the 3 homeless one were getting taking care of my toka. the gray and black one have great homes and as for the black and white she lives with me and is so fat that she out wieghs all the orther cats in the for toka she is no longer with us but we couldnt have done it with out you

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    how cute! I just wish I could find a puppy!

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    What a great story Suzy, those kittens were so lucky to have found you to save them. :D

    Flozz123 viit your local rescue centre's I'm sure you'll find a forever friend there to take home :D

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    hey guys just wanted to give you guys an up date on the kittens !
    2 of them were fixed and given homes!!! and i still check up on those two
    to see how they are doing which is well and as foe the third one she lives with me we named her 0rayan she the best cat ever and shes getting ready 2 have kittens which people have already claimed
    thanks for your time

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    I just cannot believe what people do to animals...:( So gl;ad you found them and rescued them :)



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