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    i have a promblem

    i love to ride horses but i would only ride quarter horses and morgons . i never rode a mustang before or even been around one. my father is getting me a wild mustang and i need to know if there sweet ,or if they spook easly.please help

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    A wild mustang is probably not the horse for a novice. You do not say if you are a novice or not, so you will need to make that assessment for yourself.

    Wild mustangs can be very difficult to work with and train and they can also be very difficult to keep confined - they can soar over fences and barn doors if they want to (smile).

    A mustang is a definite "project". They are not like training or domesticating the average horse. Once they are tamed though the rumor is that they will give their lives for you - they are very loyal, but they are definitely for an experienced horse person and not the average rider.

    I looked into this as well and decided I was not up to this challenge. You would do well to read as much as you can about it and then make that decision for yourself.

    They are certainly trainable and workable, but it won't be as easy and you really need to know your position in the herd to gain their respect.

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    ok thank you .ill let u know how it goes
    thanks for your time

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    new horse prospect

    I do agree with the suggestion above, but I thought I'd also add that each horse is different, just as each person has a different personality. Some horses will be naturally easier to work with, while other are nervous and don't trust easily. I have heard some amazing stories about mustangs that were quick to learn and very gentle, but some are also pretty spooky. The one I am personally familiar with is in between. Not spooky, but she's VERY careful. If you do decide to get a mustang, you might see about possible trainers/coaches in the area that would be willing to meet with you and the horse occasionally to ease the training for you both(I do this with my donkey not because he's wild, but because I sometimes need an outsider reminding me of the basics or just to provide a soothing presence).

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    Re: i have a promblem

    well, it depends on the temporment of the horse. some can be nesty and some can be real quite. you will never knowuntil you start working with the horse. you will just have to wait and see.



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