If you're a dog lover you know how important it is to have a canine friend live longer and if you can help it, you would probably do every necessary step to make sure that your dog gets that. Nutrition is one of the most important factors that contribute to a dog's longevity and it is also one of the factors you actually have complete control over. This is why you should think twice about serving your dog any food especially processed ones without you yourself getting better educated at what goes into those kinds of food. You owe it to your dog since it relies on you heavily for its sustenance as much as you rely on it for its loyalty and companionship.

Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis is a no-holds barred take on the dog food industry and how companies, including and especially big ones, have managed to put the most disgusting things (including decaying carcasses of animals that, yes, do include dogs; plastics; road kill; and poison) into our pets' food and sell them with every intention to deceive us of the products' nutritional value. How they managed to put all those in there is detailed in the book which I, needless to say, strongly recommend you get. I know these are bold words to say but you have to read it to believe it.

Continually feeding your dog these toxic dog food can cause weak or deformed bones, chronic skin and ear infections, chronic flea and worm infestations, an impaired ability to heal from wounds, kidney failure, liver failure, immune system collapse, epilepsy, cancer and even behavioral alterations like aggression that makes dog unsafe around children. And these are just some of the effects. On a side note, in the case of aggression, if you know you've been feeding your dog human-grade food, training them should tame this behavior down. Secrets to Dog Training (SitStayFetch) by Daniel Stevens is a good reference for dog training.

Now going back to food, the good news is there are ways for you to identify if a certain dog food is going to be poisonous to your dog. One of which is that you learn how to read labels. Be wary of dog food or treats that list animal sources as an ingredient because legally they can put any animal in there. There are those that name their animal sources like "chicken" or "beef" and yes they will be legally bound to put only byproducts that come from these animals. Let me emphasize that they can put whatever things they can get from that particular meat and that includes organs, dung and etc and that they can be from diseased chicken, beef and etc. If you want to make sure you get quality meat, look for brands that have "human grade ingredients" in them.

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