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    What constitutes Abuse?

    I am extremely concerned for the welfare of several cats used in a breeding program that I feel may be subjected to a form of abuse. The animals are being fed, have shelter, and water but the living conditions are in my opinion disgusting. On the surface the place looks clean but the smell is overwhelming and the ventilation is poor. Half the animals look ill with runny eyes, sneezing and severe hair loss - my suspicion is bad case of ringworm. Does this fall into the abuse category or is it just my standards are higher than anothers? I don't want to stir up trouble but I also don't like seeing these poor animals suffer - if it is considered suffering. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.

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    Hiya Tammy.
    How nice that you are concerned.
    The best thing to do is to contact your local animal control officer (Humane Society official) and explain the situation to them. They are then required to investigate it within 24 hours (in most places). We have a very good article on our website that explains what constitutes abuse, how to report it and where to report it, etc.
    Please take a look:



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