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    When Feeding Your Puppy!

    Feeding a puppy at regular intervals helps when you potty train a puppy. The dog's bowels will be on a pattern if you maintain set feeding times, so you can arrange trips outside to coincide a few hours after meals. Feeding a puppy is not a matter of common sense for most people. Many people believe you can feed a puppy anything at any time, but that's not true. Feeding a puppy isn’t easy. If your puppy is to become an integral part in your family’s life, you will have to consider their health above all things when choosing their food.

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    Recently my friend gifted a puppy to me and i have no puppies in my home before so i am looking for a guide book for puppy feeding and visit a web site but now i feel better by watching this post really help me a lot

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    When your puppy is very young, 8-12 weeks old, you will need to feed it four times a day. You can taper your puppy's feeding schedule gradually as it gets older. Puppies three to six months old require three meals a day.

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    When feeding your puppy, start mixing in a small amount of what you would like her to eat into her diet, over the next week or two increase your choice of food while decreasing the other until you have made a complete transition.

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    Puppies are really adorable pets. As you have told, it is very important to give your doggy a proper diet according to it’s age, breed and health status etc. Making him to do exercises is also equally important.
    For an example if you consider a Yorkshire dog they tend to have more skin issues since they got a thick coat. So their food should serve this purpose. A Boxer’s food always should support healthy heart and an immune system.
    Likewise you have to design the dietary schedule of the puppy with the help of vet in order to avoid nutritional problems.
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    That is great advice... especially to people who do not have regular work hours or a set schedule.

    Potty training a puppy can be super tedious if you are not diligent and possess fortitude!
    I have 2 humans, 2 dogs, and 2 cats and we all live together HUMANELY (and go through a lot of dog food, let me tell ya).



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