Training your dog is going to require patience on your part and good behavior on his. Oftentimes, the latter is harder to come by than you'd hope. Training your dog or puppy is essential to ensure a good relationship with each other. The fact of the matter is that dog training is simple if given the right dog training tips and techniques as dogs are eager to please you by nature. Training your dog isn't just to teach him dog tricks and potty training, it helps moderate your dog so you can both live in harmony.

Rewards should be given in such a way as to increase the behavior in question. This means, to begin with, that it should be something your dog enjoys and is motivated by. Rewards for good behavior must come right after that behavior has happened, too. Say a child in a classroom answers a teachers question correctly, gets up from his desk, sharpens his pencil and then punches another kid in the face, this type of action would not be tolerated or looked at as being good right? So it is a matter of rewarding your dog, when he does good, and continues to do good.