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    Canadian lake Jingxian monster, no one recognized

    "Daily Mail" reported that a small town in Ontario, Canada residents recently recovered from a lake in a strange animal, it was often a long body hair, but the head, limbs and face, but he is not gross. Local network, rumored, this may be the famous "Monte Amoy grams monster" (Montauk monster) version of evolution.

    This monster is found when two nurses walk the dog. At first, the dog kept sniffing the smell of the lake, and later the dead body of that monster out of the water Diao.

    In the photograph, the two nurses threw it back. Later, local people decided to go back to pull back when the monster's corpse and found it had disappeared. Local people on this monster for a variety of speculation. Some people said it looked like an otter, but it faces are like a boar.

    And many people believe that this monster may be new species, "Monte Amoy grams monster." Because it looks similar to the 2008 U.S. Niuyue Meng Ke Hai beach scouring found monster.

    In 2008, Long Island, New York area beaches Mongolia Amoy grams there a mysterious animal's body, which led to a bizarre form a large network of conjecture. From his photo, which first called the "Mongolian Amoy grams monster" is not unknown biological whole body hair, a thick, smooth skin, mouth shape looks like a bird beak is very sharp teeth.

    Some say it is skinned the raccoon, it was said that this was to remove the shell turtle, the view that this was the result of biochemical terror "Alien."
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