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Thread: Potty Rock

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    Potty Rock

    While looking for dog training tools, I found Potty Rock at Miles Kimball through This training tool helps encourage pets to use a specific area of your yard for “potty” purposes. Wondering is it worth to spend $17.99 on this tool?

    Any advice and suggestions are welcome.

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    I don't think so, to be honest. You should always train your dog, but it doesn't (always) require spending big bucks on books.

    Training a dog really is not that difficult a thing to do. SO many people think it is just too complicated and either don't do it or spend a million dollars on anything and everything to do it when all it takes is devotion, time and practice. Persistence is the key. Anyone can train a dog, and you can find helpful advice, hints and tools online for free.

    I learned and trained a deaf dog sign language without buying a book or video or seeing a trainer. Found everything online. Dog was perfect. Wish I had kept her (she was just a foster, adopted her out and then regretted it).

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    It is very tough task to train your doggy for potty. For reach success you can also do this like Using the Leash & Words to Teach- speak appropriate word is quick and easy to slip on the puppy to take him outside. Just like repeat the word "Outside" in front of him, to make him understand. This is also help like feed him and give him water when you are able to take him outside right away.
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