I am really outraged at the Supreme Court's decision to allow the sale and production of animal videos depicting cruelty to animals, particularly dog fighting.

It's really a sad day in our country that we have Federal Supreme Court Judges that are so sick that they get their only entertainment out of videos of animal cruelty. These judges need to be in a mental institution for the insane rather than running our court system. Everyone but Alito spend most of their day watching child ponography and getting their kick from hard core slut videos in order to get their sick thrills. They should be ashamed of themselves and hang their heads in disgrace. Every American man, woman and child in this country should be embarrassed by the sick mentality of these judges who are encouraging violence, bloodshed and lack of morals and a slap in God's face with their disturbing idea of what is entertainment.

And pray tell what is the difference between the violence inflicted upon the animals crushed under foot or dogs incited into dog fighting? Any form of deliberate abuse to an animal will always be considered an act of violence toward the animal.

I truly hope Congress can enact a law that meets their constitutional requirements and in turn will end the sale of any video that depicts or encourages violence toward any animal. If we are going to have effective laws preventing animal cruelty they must be enacted to the point that any form of promotion of that violence will be considered illegal as well.

Our Supreme Court justices are acting as if paid off by certain interest groups. Many during their lifetime have either worked for or received contributions from large corporations which I feel has influenced their decisions like the one just issued. And I further feel their decision to allow corporations to continue to contribute large sums of money to political candidates is another such example.

I am sure this is one of the reasons they voted as they did concerning animal violence, probably receiving large sums from NRA and dog fighting groups.

In closing I must say I admire President Obama when during his State of The Union speech rebuked the Supreme Court for some of their questionable rulings. I hope President Obama will rebuke the court for this outrageous decision as well. Someone needs to do something to bring these justices for life into really knowing how to interpret the document they are sworn to defend and protect.