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    Well, I agree with you that for a dog to live years in a shelter is awful.

    Happily, dogs that would stay as long as a year were certainly the exception, in our shelter.

    Two weeks, I think, is an awfully short period. I would constantly be nervous that a dog wasn't going to be adopted within those 2 weeks. And then to know that a healthy animal was going to be killed, would be more than I could take. After all, you do develop a bond with the animals.

    (Incidentally, I worked with the cats, not with the dogs, though I saw them around all the time, of course.)
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    You do build a bond. It's really hard on us too because the officers who go out and pick up the dogs are also the ones who care for them the time they are in our shelter and they are also the ones who do the euthenasia.

    On the other hand though, it helps with picking them up. I tell people all the time that I don't want to take your dog. I go above and beyond trying to help them exhaust all other resources before giving their dog up. We see a lot of folks turning their dog in because of the economy and they just can't handle the food purchase right now. We get about 300 lbs of food donated every week (broken/torn bags from local stores) so if food is the reason you're turning your dog in HERE have a 50 lb bag!

    I think, around here, the longest we've ever managed to keep a dog hidden was 2 months. Each dog gets a pick up ticket wrote up the day they come in. We cannot euthenize it without the ticket so when a ticket gets "misplaced" the poor puppy has to sit in the cage til we find it. :D Shh, don't tell. lol

    3 weeks isn't a long time but for us we bring in over 100 a week and only have 150 cages. So 10 have to leave every day or we run out of room. It sucks and we look like the bad guys because we do euthenize a lot but we have no choice. Because the law here says all we HAVE to give is 7 days then 150 cages is seen as plenty. We've begged and pleaded for another building but all we get told is "you only have to give each dog 7 days".

    We've seen a HUGE drop in puppies and kittens since our spay neuter clinic opened last year. Jan 10 compared to Jan 09 we brought in almost 200 fewer animals. So hopefully the numbers will continue to drop.

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    I hope that trend continues, DogMom. Because although I realize that the work you do is heroic, I couldn't do it.
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    I proper breeder breeds to avoid those types of health issues. I think most still want puppies but many are more reasponsible then they once were. That being said I did the adoption once, it did not work out and I dont think I will ever do it again, too many shelters not tell everything there is to know about the pet you are adpting. I may go through a breed specific rescue, but I think for th emost part we will only ever own rotties from responsible heathy breeders from here on out.

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    adopting dogs

    I know this is an old conversation, but I had something to add.

    America is different, it is huge and there are a lot of different type of people all over. The more I travel it, cultures of different states (and some cities) is often as diverse as cultures of different countries.

    I can tell you, here is Austin, Texas, the amount of animal welfare groups that work daily to save the lives of animals is solid. The shelter is on a yearly plan to achieve no-kill status, and the majority of people I know either adopt from the shelter, a rescue, or Craigslist (not puppies). I can not speak for the rest of the nation though!
    I have 2 humans, 2 dogs, and 2 cats and we all live together HUMANELY (and go through a lot of dog food, let me tell ya).

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    Next to the downside of difficult pasts, there is an upside: many people who adopt shelter animals, both cats and dogs, remark at how grateful the animal is. That is so heart warming, every day, that it makes it all more than worthwhile.
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    That being said I did the adoption once, it did not work out and I dont think I will ever do it again, too many shelters not tell everything there is to know about the pet you are adpting.

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