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    About to declaw cat- HELP

    My cat is coming really close to declawing time and the vet said to get newspaper like litter that would not stick so infection would not occur. I talked to my mother and was confused but she bought pine sheddings. I used to use them for rabbits but i never noticed if they sticked or not. I dont want to use the wrong thing and mess with my cat I know he will be in enough pain as is. Anybody know what litter to use or if pine sheddings will work for this situation?
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    I would sooner get a proper scratching post and a spray bottle to give a sprits when she scratches something she shouldn't. How ever that being stand and having bedded horses on it, shavings and chips are horrible around wounds, shreaded paper would be much better. But seriously I would try the claw botties, clipping her claws, a scratching post or a spritz bottle before I would go to the expensive cost of declawing and causing her that much pain.
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