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Thread: weeing problems

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    weeing problems

    morning everyone!

    i have a wee question for you all!

    most times when i take riley (8 weeks old) out to go for a poo or wee he preforms which is great but when we come inside he wees on the carpet a little bit and it is getting frustrating! i clean up the wee and then spray it with a vinegar solution to get rid of any smell but he keeps doing it!

    has anyone got any ideas why he does this???

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    Try leaving him out longer till he pees a second time. obviously he is not completely emptying his bladder and he still needs to go, as most male dogs will so they can spread their scent around more.
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    Yes! Your Dog is very typical

    Don't think you are alone! Most dogs have some imperfections, this all boils down to keeping them outside longer. Don't immediately bring them in when they poo. Because they may have more to do. Keep them outside for a 10 or 15 more minutes

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    I ahve a 2 years old chihuahua, she tends to pee inside now and again. It is usually when she smells something new.

    Last week i bought i new rug and she went on it straight away, I have been told this is so they can put there scent on it as they are unsure of the new smell.

    Also your dog is only 8 weeks old so is still in the early days for training. Though is at his prime time at learning the good from the bad.

    Good Luck !!
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    Sorry also wanted to quickly add that taking them out every 20 minutes will encourage them to pee outside.

    And directly after they have eaten within 20 or 30 minutes they will need to pee. If you can not take your dog outside every 20 minutes then keep putting them on newspaper.

    This may be tedious for you and they may keep walking off it but they will soon get the hang of what you are intending them to do on the paper.
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    it maybe just reaction sometimes ! don't be afraid ! leave him for longer ! :oops: :arrow: :o

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    There have been so many recent inquiries about this problem that I went through and did a search and consolidated some of the answers given to help remedy the problem.
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    Try leaving him out longer till he pees a second time. obviously he is not completely emptying his bladder and he still needs to go, as most male dogs will so they can spread their scent around more.

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    Re: weeing problems

    We had the same problem a few months ago with our male dog, although he was a little bit older than the 8 week old puppy mentioned above. Ours was about 7 months old at the time and was totally housetrained. He started peeing in the house after we took him out, and he had actually peed outside already. We took him to the vet thinking it could be a UTI, but he was all clear, the vet said he was mostly likely just "marking". He reccomended getting an enzymatic spray and spraying it wherever he peed to break down the urine so he wouldn't smell it and mark there again. Which we did. When we had housetrained him we used puppy pads so what we did was get one of those doggie hydrant pee posts and put it on a pee pad inside. This way it gave him something to mark on other than the sofa and coffee table. Then we slowly moved the pad and post closer to the door each day, just like when housetraining, and then finally outside. Then we just kept moving it further into the yard until it was where we wanted his pee spot to be and took the pad away. Very easy, he got what he wanted and so did we, without having to punish him. Although we did have to use the enzyme spray a few times at first when he peed in other spots. This article has some helpful tips for anyone who is thinking about using the pee post/pee pad method: I think there are scented posts that actually have a smell that makes your dog want to pee on them , but we didn't need it for our dog. Anyway hope this helps someone else with a boy who suddenly starts lifting his leg in the house!



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