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    when can my puppy meet new dogs?

    Hi everyone!

    i was just wondering at what age i can let my puppy meet other dogs? my sister and cousin both have dogs and i want riley to get used to them!!
    he is 8 weeks old now and having his first jabs on monday!!!

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    Any time you like so long as your puppy has his shots and the dogs he's meeting are also healthy or up to date on their shots.
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    As noted above, the puppy should be able to meet other dogs anytime unless he has his shots. However, I would take him to meet with other puppies rather than older dogs so they have same energy level.

    I have two dogs, one is 6 and the other one is 1. When I first got the second one, all he wanted to do was play with the older one. Although the older one is a very quiet and calm dog the younger dog seemed to annoy him quite a big. So I definitely suggest meeting with dogs that will have the same energy level and "puppiness" in them. Hope this helps.

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    I personally think socialization is one of the most important part of a puppies life.
    I think you can now take it outside for meeting other doggies, as between 4 - 12 weeks is the best time to do alot of socialization. It is best to begin letting your dog interact with other dogs at an early age. I believe let them be enjoy to meet around the other dogs.
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    Well That Depends!

    I am a firm believer that your dog should be obeying you first before they have the experience of interacting with others. Perhaps you should consider this!



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