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    is it ok if......

    ..... my 7 week old puppy chews on leaves, dirt, stones and wood ect in the garden??? because he does and i am not sure if i should be allowing him to do so! is it dangerous to let him? will he spit out these things after a while of chewing?
    i have seen him spit out a few stones and i check his mouth whenever he goes into his crate to sleep!
    he loves going into the garden especially if the children are out there and i worry when i let him out!

    and on a different subject, alot of people and alot of websites are telling me that all puppies do is eat, sleep and poo! but riley hardly sleeps (he does sleep well at night) and wants to play all the time! (which is lovely to see him so happy!)
    is this normal???

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    chewing should be monitored, like babies they can choke, and wood can splinter and peerferate intestines if swollowed. Better to have a safe place to play with safe toys, then have him eating rocks. Also, all dogs are different as long as he is getting all the sleep he needs, as in is not forced to stay up or have his sleep interupted, then what sleep he is getting will be more then enough, he'll sleep when he's tired, and you really wont be able to stop him cause like a baby, he will sleep where ever he falls.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    Chewing is typical, and should be expected, but I would find more appropriate things for him to be chewing on them what he can find in the garden. I really wouldn't let him in the garden either--many seemingly harmless plants, weeds, etc can be very dangerous on their little systems. I have always been a HUGE spider plant fan up until a few hundred dollars worth of tests and treatments showed it was the spider plant that caused my cat to die a slow, painful death. Now there's one spider plant in my house--and it's hanging from the ceiling!!

    Sure, puppies eat, sleep and poop. Kind of like all a baby does is eat, sleep and poop. NOT! At least, none of MY babies only did that.

    I agree with Celtech--your puppy will sleep when he feels like he needs it.

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    Thank you for your help with this!!
    i will try to only take him into the garden when he needs to relieve himself but it is going to be hard as he loves being outside! he sits at the patio doors and cries! :0( poor baby! shall i put him on the lead/leash when i take him out to the toilet?

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    It's okay as long as you are supervising him and he's not into plants other then the lawn, just keep an eye on him if he's getting into the flower beds or the vegitable patch.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.



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