I feel so stupid writting about this because i know there are people whos pets have died and are hurting so much more than me. but i had to get rid of my 2 vietnamese potbellied pigs bacon and sunday. ever since i was little ive wanted a potbellied pig or anypig for that matter and this christmas myboyfriend finally got me them andnot only 1 but 2!!! i was so happy!!! but the state came out and forced me to give them away right after i had gotten them to start to trust people i was the only person they would come up to and i loved them so much!!! when they were getting taken away theyre cries made me break down and cry so much. i had already fallen in love with them!!! and they loved me to. i was the only human they trusted, and i let them down they are gone now and they left a huge hole in my heart. i feel sick to my stomach when i go by theyre pin and see it empty. :cry:i am hoping to get a miniture pig soon but i have to let the pain from my babies to go away first.