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    How Many Dogs is Too Many??

    New Animal Planet series

    We are producing a new series for Animal Planet about people who own a lot of animals.

    Some brand them as “animal hoarders.” We want to get to know them as people. We want to experience the special relationship they have with their pets and understand why they do what they do. We also recognize that trying to care for too many animals can sometimes be overwhelming. There can be financial burdens, health issues, family conflicts, even the run-ins with authorities. We want to see how animal lovers - and their families - deal with these challenges.

    We also want to offer help. We have the resources to provide free veterinary care, spaying and neutering, even food if required. We will not force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. We will not report anyone to any authorities. If help is needed, we want to find solutions that work for everybody.

    Our goal as TV producers is to tell true stories about people who are often misunderstood – and if we can, to address issues that are too often ignored. To learn more, contact us at – or call us at our toll free number: 1-877-MY8-PETS.

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    I think hoarding goes beyond a special relationship. Hoarders BELIEVE that what they are doing is right when, in fact, it's not. Most hoarders aren't able to understand that humanely euthenizing the animal is the best choice.

    If you have someone with 20 dogs and another person asks to have or buy one, the person would say yes. A hoarder, on the other hand, would say absolutely not, ain't gonna happen, no way in h e double hockey sticks, and so on and so forth.

    My case in point--I went to someone's house once. She had 40 some cats. Most of them pregnant, the majority had upper respiratory infections, a few had what looked like old broken bones, a handful with this disease or another. I asked the lady to give me 5 of the sickess ones in exchange for 40 lbs of food and a few bags of litter.

    She slammed the door in my face.

    But, you say, this is a responsible pet owner that I'm supposed to see as being simply misunderstood?

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    Hi, Thank you for your response.

    We realize the sensitivity to the mental aspect to this 'disease' as some people would call it. We are trying to see these hoarders as people instead of animal mistreats. We are trying to focus on why these people do what they do. In understanding that through treatment and psychological help we are finding the reasoning behind their addiction and finding a resolution to the problem instead of going in and simply just helping them clean up and rescuing their animals.

    I hope this answers your questions and concerns. We realize many people have hesitations towards our show and we are trying to clear up any questions.

    We are teaming up with animal experts and organizations who are helping us along the way.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions, Thank you!

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    They do what they do because it is a disease. Not necessarily an "animal" related disease, but more a co-dependent issue more or less, imho. A co-dependent person finds strength to continue each day knowing that he or she is NEEDED by another. Regardless of how healthy, or how sick or injured, an animal is it will 99% of the time still want love and attention. A co-dependent is able to give that love and attention to the animal and in return gets his or her "fill" of his or her own love and attention.

    By simply rescuing these animals and removing them from the home of the hoarder all an organization is doing is removing the hoarders way of life, his or her NEED to be needed.

    The hoarder will only, in time, start the cycle again and will find his or herself in the same situation as before. It won't stop until the hoarder is able to correct his or her low self-esteem and realize that there is more to live than caring for someone (or something) else.

    Why do hoarders do what they do? Because they are sick. Plain and simple. They need help--not as animal lovers but as people themselves. Hoarding is not the disease itself--it is a symptom.

    But by playing them out to be a victim is wrong. The big victim when it comes to hoarders is the animal involved.

    And then of course there are those of us animal lovers and animal control/services officers who are forced to see what the hoarder's disease puts these once sweet, lovable, healthy animals through.

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    It just depends. In my opinion, never too many. But obviously that's not the case. The moment you are not able to give a pup all the attention and love it needs to grow and foster, that's when you know that you have too many dogs.
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    I have only one dog and that is enough for me but besides this I have two more pets.


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