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    bobtail kitten with strange coloring

    I wanted to know how rare the bobtails are? this one came from my work we get atleast 2 litters a year and most of the time get 4 to 5 bobtails. this kittens mother was a soild black bobtail and who knows about the father. the coloring is grey black and white he has stripes down low on his legs and sides of his face but his mid section is spotted. when he was small it looked striped but now that he is growing they are spots. how rare is this i have seen alot of cats in my days but never anything like this.
    I can email some pictures to anybody if they want i have no idea how to post them here maybe i got it tell me what you think i have other pictures that show the spots better but this one was the closes to seeing the whole cat .[/img]

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    here is one when he is a few weeks older

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    Looks like a Bengal mix; the coloring is typical for that breed. The bobtail isn't that uncommon....many people are breeding for the no tail look, there are a small handful breeds that don't have a tail.

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    Never seems beautiful and playful Therein
    Amateur from Saudi Arabia



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