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    Well, se may not be as house broke as she needs to be!

    There may be an underlying medical condition with your dog. You should truly consider taking him to the vet asap.

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    DogMon take your 5 year old dog to the vets. Get her checked over if you've been ask them to run further tests.

    It's in the lines of bladder control, if she is unaware she is even doing it/

    Please really think about it before you put an innocent dog down...

    Could she have experienced something in the back yard that may have scared her without you noticing. Have you had her from a young age?

    Has she had any operations in her life?
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    Coooooooool~ many thanks for you.

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    I would suggest three things, an incontenence diaper for dogs, a vet visit to make sure she doesn't have problems like a too large urethra or a bladder infaction, or gall stones, anything like that, and lastly, because its the most expensive, an animal behaviourliest.
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    god wish you have good days!



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