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    i want to keep him out and play with him but it hurts me because he will plopp/piss as soon as i take my eyes off of him.

    He did it in the bed the first night and i learned the lesson quickly.
    I will put more time into interacting with him and be more patient as well

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    You can play with him, just remember accidents will happen, play on non-capeted floors so its an easy clean up and just ignore the mistake, it is a mistake and not a huge deal, espically at his small size and age. Its all a matter of time, and if this is frustrating you I cring to think what will happen if he gets to a chewing everything in sight stage. Just be calm and keep reminding yourself, hes just a baby.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    Hey Celltech!
    How bout them saints :D

    We took Grizz for his 10 week shots when he was 9 weeks and found out that he was a bouncing 9 lbs. That was 2 weeks ago so now hes a healthy 11 weeks old.....i think.
    Had a few issues with him throwing up wet food for two days when thats all i had for him (Bought like 10 cans of alpo from PETCO on clearance for $4.00)
    My question now is that he is seemingly housebroken except for a few accidents but why does i piss whenever the lady of the house goes to pet him....not alot just a couple of quick skeets?
    As a matter of fact he seems to piss whenever ANY female touches him. Is he just a Don Juan that doesnt know it yet? or is there something else going on?

    Hope everything in your household is going okay and thanks for any and ALL responses

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    Sounds like things are going rather well!!!

    I am concerned with the vomiting, though. Is this a new thing or has it been going on for awhile? Is anything else going on? Any diarrhea, is he eating his normal amount, drinking lots of water? If this has only started since you switched food, it could be an allergy to the food. But it could also be something more serious that would require a vet checkup (most diseases are picked up at the vets office).

    The urinating with contact is (usually) a submissive reaction....a bit of fear (I say usually because I have one that does it ALL the time for no apparent reason). Wish I could offer some advice to break this--I'm so fed up with it myself I'm seriously considering making my big girl a 24/7 outside dog. The best thing I can suggest is that she spend some more time loving on him. He's got to learn to trust her, that she's not going to hurt him.

    Good luck and keep up the good work with him!

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    I agree with dog mom on the vomitting, and also to some dgree with the pee problem. However puppies, particularly male puppies, will also pee when they get excited, and often a high pitched happy voice will get a small puppy excited enough to pee. Try making sure he is calm before being petted and that her voice is kept calm and low before petting him. They normally grow out of it. That being said I own a 100lb rottweiler who still pees when she gets excited, espically when people come over because we rarely have visiters (people seem to think shes a killer). So there is a chance he wont out grow it. Until he does though, I suggest intial hellos should be done outside, where his happy pee wont ruin the flooring.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    Very Simply!

    You need to talk to your vet asap! But puppies should be fed a steady diet, and you should just treat them the same way you would treat a baby. Feeding a puppy or kitten the wrong formula can lead to malnutrition, poor growth, and even death! Each baby should be fed as much as they will take from a baby bottle every 4 hours until they start taking solid food on their own. Feeding a puppy a wholesome raw meat is extremely simple. Feeding meat chunks is even easier. Feeding a puppy the best food in the world won't help if he's sharing that food with worms so you better go and get him or her checked out by a vet.



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