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    Kitten allergies.........

    We have a new kitten and I think she is having an allergic reaction. We are not rushing to the vet because we just figured it out (started last night) and so I think she just needs to rest. Here is how this happened......

    Friday we got a new kitten from the pound. The kittens she was briefly housed with got a cold. The lady that runs the pound gave me some amoxi and said I should give it to her as a preventative. We did and it was about an hour later that she was lethargic. I she gets sick (Not a fan of modern medicine). This morning I gave it to her again and a few hours later realized that THAT is why she is sick. Her face is a little swollen and she has a small fever. She has been sleeping since last night pretty much non-stop. I have recently realized that it could have been the canned food that I mixed the amoxi in with also. Anyone experienced this before? Is there any home remedy that will help her a bit? We won't be giving her anymore of the amoxi OR that canned cat food. I feel awful that I gave it to her a second time. I could have killed her. Ugh.

    Anyway, I have had cats my whole life and have never experienced this.

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    Find out what the pound was feeding her and get her back on it, then definatly discontinue the meds. If it is hjust a cold she should pull through without much of an issue, but I would have her checked by your vet, as what can look like a 'cold' in human terms could be feline lukimea or distemper in cats, espically coming from a place where multiple cats are housed.

    Better to be safe then sorry.

    Also a kitten can sleep over 16 hours a day in either case, so her sleeping could just be her being a kitten. Good luck.
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