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    Why do dogs eat strange things?

    my in laws have a dog and the dog tends to eat tampons,pads,used toilet paper,and non food items that are on the floor..whats the deal?

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    Dogs are carnavors, they will eat almost anything that smells of blood.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    I gotta agree with the 2nd post. But I don't usually label those things as "weird". ROFL
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    how about things that smell of poop? i've seen dogs ransack garbage bins for that.
    ^o^ Jeanie ^o^

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    My dog behaves very much like a pig...he will eat anything other than vegetables and salad!!!

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    Dogs love those things. They like a lot of stuff we consider nasty. To them, they smell good and so they wanna eat them. They especially love things that smell like their favorite people, like tissues, remote controls, toilet paper, socks, and underwear.

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    how about things that smell of poop? i've seen dogs ransack garbage bins for that.

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    There are several breeds of dogs and they eat different kinds of things generally they eat and behaves very much like a pig because they belongs to carnivorous group and they will eat almost anything that smells of blood so its better to have vegetarian Dog

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    this is very inforamtive indeed! i just also think this before.. hehehehe.. at least i have an idea now .. cheers! cremation urns for pets

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    i agree with ebbenezer66..My dog used to be like that and i think its fun although not all the time. Its funny because even if you scold them, they just stare at you and give you a "I'll do it again"-look. I just love them.



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