With budget cuts being made left and right within the educational system, this probably will help out an abundance of teachers.

I wanted to let you know (and have you tell all the teacher you know) about the this complimentary Critters in the Classroom educational program I found. Teachers get a FREE habitat, classroom pet, and access to games and lesson plans!

To participate in Critters in the Classroom, teachers can sign-up at Critters in the Classroom http://tinyurl.com/y97bht2, and a free habitat with starter supplies will be delivered within two to four weeks. Once the habitat is received, a hamster or gerbil can be purchased from any local PetSmart store, and a hassle-free online rebate of up to $19.99 will be issued!

Petfundango.com also provides free downloadable lesson plans, along with other resources to help incorporate a pet into a classroom.

I hope you will pass this on to teachers you know! Even if they don't live in the eligible states, there is still alot of information they can get for free!