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    Re: Vegetarian dog food?

    Diet also determine the behavior of the pets and there learning speed in the training sessions. Recently there was an article which said that now peoples in US are turning to Vegan diet patterns and the same for there pets too. This shows the growing awareness in the food chain.

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    Re: Vegetarian dog food?

    I agree with the last two posts on the first page, do not force an unnatural diet on your dog because of your beliefs. Dogs are naturally omnivores and capable of digesting carbohydrates, but the majority of their diet should still consist of meat. You are effectively risking your dogs health for your personal ideals, that is irresponsible.

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    Re: Vegetarian dog food?


    I only learnt the other day that they now consider dogs omnivores,I always thought that they were carnivores ,inherited from the wolves, so really confused now crystalgirl

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    Re: Vegetarian dog food?

    I would never say to force your pet to be on vegan diet pattern. We all love our pets and the food should be the one that ones pet likes. The lineage of the dogs do belong to wolves but the feeding pattern would primarily depend upon how you make him since his upbringing. The feeding pattern can be designed.

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    Re: Vegetarian dog food?

    They have long been thought of as purely carniverous, but in light of new research it shows that one of the differences between wolves and dogs is down to their ability to process carbohydrates.
    While they are still evolving this capability, they are still predominantly carnivores. Forcing an unnatural diet on another living thing to be seems somewhat selfish. I have seen one extreme of this in sierra leone where locals had caught an eagle, one which had been a nuisance, they then kept it as a "pet" and tried to "teach" it to live on rice, safe to say by time i saw the bird it was emaciated and only hours from death, the locals thought its condition was it just becoming more tame!

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    Re: Vegetarian dog food?

    Quote Originally Posted by Toni View Post
    If you are vegetarian by choice that's great, but you should give your dog the same opportunity to make that choice, why not place 2 bowls in front of him one veg and one non-veg but you already know what will happen LOL
    Great thought Toni. Full house votes for that. If one does anything by choice, the act he resorts to would become a passion for the doer, be it in terms of eating or training. The choice matters a lot in shaping the pets behaviour. Let them choose from it and maybe it would turn different.



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