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    Kitten Walking on Wrists

    My husband and I took in a stray kitten about 2 months ago. Chloe is now 6 1/2 months. This is our first cat and since we decided to keep her and she would be inside we decided to get her declawed. First before I get any hate mail, I had no idea what declawing detailed. My vet did not tell me that they remove the first joint, we honestly thought the nail was only removed. I didn't find this out until my mother-in-law yelled at us. I feel like the worse person ever, I honestly do. Please do not send me hate mail, I already feel like the worse person ever. We got her declawed the first week in October so it has been a month exactly. My concern now is that she is walking on her front wrist. She does not seem like she is in any pain because she is jumping and landing just fine. Is it possible that she is still hurting from the declaw? My vet was off today, so I am hoping on getting a call from her tomorrow. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you for your advice.

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    I found a good website to go to that can really help you out.

    My cat had the same problem and I went here for help: Feline Troubles

    They helped me fix her right up. :D

    Hope it helps!



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