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    Spay and Neuter your Cats!

    I am a major animal lover, mostly dogs and cats. But one thing that I cannot stand is when an owner is too irresponsible for fixing their pets. Cats are known to breed like crazy and people think that just because they keep them inside they are safe from breeding. This is NOT true. Cats are extremely sneaky and it only takes a second for them to escape. There are many shelter that spay and neuter cats for a minimal cost. If you don't have enough money to properly care for the pet, then there is no reason you should have one!

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    I agree, I wish they would off cheap clinics here, the cheapest here is just over $100 per female, and thats assuming a kitten as well and not an adult cat who does cost more.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    Agree 100% Can't afford it, don't get a cat. It's that simple. Let people who is thinking about getting a cat about this article:
    Take good care of your pets!

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    Well now I dont agree with that, telling someone just cause they can't afford $200 to get a cat spayed or nuetured means they shouldn't own a cat?Tahts not right, many responsible people have indoor cats who spend healthy lives not spaed, I dont endource it but money should not always be the determining factor of owning a pet. What I'm saying is vet clinics should be stepping up and doing their parts to help the over population, it can't be laid souly on the owners when there are places where fixing your pet is going to cost you a fortune.

    In British Columbia there is a vet who provides free pet care for the homeless as they believe that its bad enough the people have lost their homes, being forced to give up their pets would be just another example of everything the lost, so the make it so the homeless can keep their pets and keep them health and fed. Thats the type of thing I mean, not dont own if you can't afford, but vets doing their part to help.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    In the UK we have a voucher scheme where if you are unemployed you get help with the costs of spaying, which i kind of think is great, it must stop a LOT of animals being born a year, but also it does encourage people who dont work to keep pets! It's swings and roundabouts, but what really matters is the welfare of the animals, not whether their owner has a job or not i guess.
    I'm trying to raise awareness of the need for people to stop buying battery eggs. My site has a section which promotes those who save battery hens from slaughter, please see [url][/url]



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