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    In need of some help

    About a year ago, I moved into my aunt's home after some financial troubles, and with my mother and I came 2 cats, and an amazon. My cats and my aunt's 2 cats did not get along.

    My cats are male and female. Shadow, an almost 15 year old stray whom I found outside my previous house at the age of 3 or 4. She's old, but sweet and one of the most docile animals.

    My other, is a young male, named Bahgera. He's around 3-4 and was also a rescue.

    My issue is, my aunt's female cat Sassy, who's name is her personality has become harder and harder to deal with. Shadow once lived in my room, and was previously declawed due to loving to sharpen her claws on our living room sets. Sassy would venture into my room later at night, or early morning, at around 2 or 3 to fight with her, which instantly woke me up.

    Soon after, she began to urinate in my room, even on my bed, which drove Shadow to break into hives and now she hides in the basement. Sassy's behavior has yet to improve, but she's progressed to peeing on anything which is on my bedroom floor, which includes clothing, notebooks (I will be starting college in September), and anything she can.

    But, it concerns me more and more because she will go into the basement, eat all of my cat's food, and urine and poop on the floor of the basement, and just recently, she's progressed to other areas of the house. Such as the table and towels in the bathroom in front of the shower.

    I'm concerned on if something is wrong. They are both female, and she is the alpha in the home despite her brother also being here. All the animals in the house have been spade and neutered. I know she's quite smitten with my male cat, Bahgera, and seems to be jealous that he is close with Shadow, even spends night's in the basement with her, cleaning her, etc.

    I also know that cats tend to exile older members because it is 'their time' but her attacks seem so much more personal than that, and if anyone has suggestions or something which can help us stop this behavior, it will be greatly appreciated.

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    How were the cats introduced? Slowly or were they all just left to it straight away?

    It sounds like Sassy is being very territorial, and is not happy with another female in the house. She's peeing and pooping everywhere to mark her territory. In my experience, females are a lot harder to introduce adults cat to, than males.

    Can you possibly keep Sassy out of your bedroom for now, and have Shadow back in there? Either shut her in, or maybe but a cat flap in your bedroom door, either a magnetic or a microchip one, so only your two cats can come in. At Shadow's age, she should be able to have a safe space, away from Sassy. If she has her bed, food & water, and a litter tray in there, I'm sure she'd be quite happy. It may be that the easiest solution for everyone is if they are just kept seperate.

    I suggest you get some Feliway plug ins if you can, and dot them around the house. These diffusers have a pheromone in them, that is naturally given out by nursing female cats to make the kittens feel secure. The idea is it promotes a feeling of calm and security within your house.

    Also I would use a damp cloth, and every day rub it on Sassy's face and head, and then rub it around the house, so her scent is everywhere, so hopefully she wont feel the need to mark.

    Hopefully someone else will have some ideas too.

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    They're introduction was very slow. My cats where in the basement for a few weeks before Bahgera ventured out into the house. Shadow is very shy by nature and for the first few years I had her hid under the bed. In the home she had before I found her, she was abused, and until recently, the last 2 years would never be on a bed that was unmade. My mother believed that she had been thrown from one.

    Shadow never came out of the basement on her own, I wanted her to be in a safer place, much more comfortable than down there, so I brought her into my room, made her a bed, set up her food, liter box, etc, in my room to make her feel more at home. She used to wander the house we lived in and loved to sunbathe. She had an opportunity to do so in my room, my bed near the window where she could stretch out and be comfortable.

    I agree that it's scent marking, but it seems so much more than that, and I don't have the option to keep Sassy from my room, otherwise I'd have done it already. I only have 3 walls, the other was taken out a year before we moved in to be the dinning room, so as much as I wish I could, I can not.

    Shadow now lives in the basement, having her own food, water, and liter box. Sassy will venture down there, but Sassy's behavior doesn't involve Shadow anymore. She's been in the basement for a few months, but the urination continues, and is moving into other areas of the home to which Shadow has never been inside or ventured to, such as the upstairs and kitchen table.

    I'm trying to find something that will keep Sassy out of my room, because whenever I leave, she leaves more of her scent, so possible a scent like a hot pepper or something will deter her from the room. I buy all of my cloths and the items in my room, and she has not only ruined some of my cloths, but also my rug and the hard wood floor underneath it. I like your idea, but the marking her scent around the house I don't believe will work, it seems she does enough of that already.

    I feel inclined to protect Shadow, she is my first pet because i found her, and convinced my mother to allow me to have her. I was three after all. She is the longest surviving pet, outliving many birds and my dog, and I feel very attached to her. I protect her often and will not decline that was sometimes very aggressive towards Sassy for her actions. Shadow is old and this stress of a younger female isn't good for her. It could cause heart issues and even though I know she'll die, I don't want it to be because of another cat fighting her.

    This Feliway plug you mentioned, does it have any adverse effects? We have an Amazon bird, and a dog in the home. Things which are released in the air concern my mother due to the fact her Bird is older than I am and is very sensitive to smell. Not to mention several cats wonder the area around our house.

    (There are woods across the street which is about a half a mile to a mile deep, as well as on the side and around the surrounding houses. Other wild animals such as rabbits, an occupational fox, skunks, squirrels, as well as two hawk pairs with their chicks also take residency in the woods from season to season.)

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    i too feel it will be better if you try to follow what emily told. try to keep sassy out of the room and try to bring in shadow.



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