I've kind of been "abusing" cats in the past few weeks.

I work at an open kitchen, obviously I have to keep the street cats away from the food cause people are going to eat that food.

The cats are also black and I believe there's something evil about them so I can't stand their presence, their fights, their staring, yelling, the way they TOUCH FOOD, everything. It disgusts me to have them around.

I try to make them go away by screaming, making noises, scaring them out but they keep coming back and touching food.

They ALWAYS come back like they aren't scared at all. I kicked a (very small) stone on one cat. I splashed water on another cat's face. The worst was when I dropped hot pasta on a cat. :s

I always spoil this one white cat that comes over but lately he's been getting on my nerves too...

Not sure why I'm posting this but I kinda regret it, although it HAS to be done to save people's health. Any way to make them go away without having to hurt them?