My girlfriend began working with the research animals at Vanderbilt University 1 month ago. She began coming home and telling me horror stories of what goes on behind closed doors there. I need someone to help me report this to as many people as I can. I have written an email that contains very specific details on what is happening there. I sent a copy to Vanderbilt and they had the campus police call and threaten to arrest me for criminal trespassing if I came near their property. I sent a copy to news channel 5 and they are sending a reporter to come and interview me. I have worked as a vet tech for over 5 years and this is some of the most horrendous acts of cruelty I have ever heard of. I think if the public knew what was going on there all hell would break loose. I will send a copy of the email to anyone ho would like to see it. please send your email address in your reply