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    Stopping the puppy from biting my shoes...

    How do I stop a puppy from destroying all of my shoes? I recently bought a puppy from a friend, but the thing is he keeps on chewing on my shoes. Is he teething? My friend suggested that I give him a chew toy, but he still aims for my shoes...what do I do? He has already chewed his way to a quarter of my shoes, at this rate I will go to work barefooted.
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    Puppies will be puppies, the best thing to do is keep your shoes up out of reach and give hinm aomethign else to chew. the smell of a shoe is very alluring, the easiest way to deal with this is to remove the temptation and keeping going with the positive reinforcement. Like baby proofing a house, you'll need to puppy proof for a little while as well.
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    Thank you for the response...I already moved my shoes to a higher shelf. But he still refuses to chew on his toy...

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    you can use some untasty stuff with your shoes.
    like garlic powder - put a littel near your shoes.
    the smell will signal the puppy this one's not for him to eat. :)

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    This habit your dog could be dangerous for his health.If you don't
    clearly communicate to your dog that, this is bad habit,
    he won't even realize that he is doing anything wrong. you do not
    give him free Until your dog can be trusted not to destroy your goods,
    unsupervised run of your house. Give him a pleasant area or room of
    his own where he can enjoy himself and relax when you are not home .
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    This all goes back to training!

    Dog training is really critical for a well adjusted dog. Starting as early as possible is important. Dog training is not a breeze, however, and can be harder than you might expect, but it is more about the dog owner than about the dog. Many people think that dog training is nothing more than providing dog toys or shouting commands, which the dog will instantly understand and obey. This is not the case. Training is about consistency, and not becoming irate. If i were you i would seriously consider grooming and training your pet to get better results!

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    Well I too have the same problem and find all your posts really useful. I am also interested in dog training and will give it a try sometime soon.
    The only thing I have tried yet so far was keeping those shoes and other stuff in unreachable places for the doggy. But it is really annoying if it starts chewing cushions and even curtains. Wonder whether giving him some toys would solve the problem

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