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Thread: New Dog

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    New Dog

    My mother is getting another dog. Here's the problem is our older dog, Cindy, can at times be....difficult. I just got a 12 weeks old puppy this week. She snips at him and can be hateful. She doesn't bite just snarles and barks. She does this a couple of times and when she is scolded she stops and ignores my puppy. He avoids her because he realizes she dislikes him and stays away. She is used to being the center of attention. This dog goes Everywhere with my mother and the new dog will just be joining the crew. My mother is a HUGE dog lover and spoils these animals more than any person I know. Ex: Cindy goes to work with her and even has her own bed in the office. Cindy was very abused and I am concerned for the new dog. I understand my mom's reasonings. Cindy is very old (13) and has severe medical needs (she has spent close to $10,000 on medical procedures). I know my mom could never "replace" Cindy but if she always has another dog she won't have as much guilt. What is the best way to introduce them? Is there anyway to help so it is not a ignore ignore relationship. My mom has stated that if they ignore each other that is better than fighting but she would like them to be friends. Is this an unrealistic expectation? Oh we are asuming they will ignore each other from watching Tyson and Cindy interact because my mom is getting Tyson's cousin. We have already discussed that in the event it fails then the puppy will stay with me until; they learn to get along or Cindy passes. Anyway we are just looking for tips.

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    older dogs are very dominant over puppies, we had a 14 year old shephard that aggressivley bit at any puppy out of the litter we had whenever they got close, but as they got older everything got normal, your dog just wants to let your new pup know that she is in charge and not to mess with her unless she wants to, she most likely wont permanantly hurt you dog so i wouldnt be too worried

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    Yes, older dogs are dominant over puppies - and rightly so. This is needed as Cindy will teach the younger dog what is acceptable behavior. The younger dog does not recognize she is old with medical conditions and Cindy is letting the pup know - "YOu are not to jump on me, harrass me or annoy me. I will not have it.". This is her right as the alpha. The pup will also accept this until he learns how to respectfully approach Cindy.

    The best way to introduce dogs is on NEUTRAL territory. Go to a park have someone with the new dog there. Have your Cindy there and let them meet and interact, spend an hour or more at the park and then put them in the SAME car and take them home.

    This is how the first meeting between dogs should always be.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.



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