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Thread: Betta Fins

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    Betta Fins

    I think my betta might have a disease, but I'm not sure! I went on vacation for a week, and when I came back my betta Rajah's tail fin looked like it had been chewed off. Thing is, he's the only fish in his tank. Since he wasn't acting sick - he still ate everything I put in his tank and he was still spunky - I decided to wait and see if his fin grew back. It hasn't, and just recently his gills and the surrounding area had begun to look white and scabby. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with him and how I might fix it? Thanks!

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    The best thing to do is take it to the vet.
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    Sounds like fin rot, which is caused usually by either too high of pH in the tank or bacteria caused by stress.

    Anti-bacterial solution or anti bacterial pellets work well along with cleaning out your tank.

    As with any problem though, ask your DVM first.
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