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Thread: deaf puppies

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    deaf puppies

    My staffordshire bull terrier had six fabulous puppies, there 6 weeks now and I'm preparing them for there new homes. I noticed one of them was not responding to noise as he should be and my worries were confirmed at the vets hes completly deaf. He's such a sweet little dog, smaller than the rest but a big heart. You wouldn't think anything was wrong with him whilst playing in the house but outside he's a nervous wreck and will not play with the others and just cries or tries to hide all the time.
    A couple had left a deposit for him but now don't want him and I was really worried about what would become of him but since the word spread about him the phone had never stopped with people willing to take him on and give him a loving home. I would love to keep him myself but have quite a dominent male at home so don't want to risk conflict as he gets older.
    My faith in the human race has been restored when I realised how many animal loving people are out there, my only dilema now is which big hearted person is going to have the pleasure of my little deaf pup!

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    Great post, glad to hear it!

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    Great news

    Hi, Great news George my little deaf pup has gone to his new home. He has gone to live with another Staffy and is doing great. He lives five minutes away from my house and is attending the same puppy classes as the pup I kept, so I see him all the time. He is spending a week with us next month when his owners go on holiday, so I couldn't ask for a better ending.
    He screamed that much when he left his litter mates his new family let him share there bed on a night, so like a true staffy he's spoilt rotten, loved to death and he got his own way in the end.

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    Deaf Puppy

    How wonderful that you were able to find a good home for this special needs puppy.

    Just a word of caution - deafness is an inherited trait in this breed so you probably should not be breeding his parents again. The incidence of deaf puppies will probably increase with each breeding and you might not be lucky enough to find such a good home for other pups like him in the future.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    Since my bitch Ruby had her pups she has been spayed so no more pups for her deaf or not. George has been endorsed with the kennel club so he won't be having any off spring either,as for the stud dog I used I informed them about the deaf pup so its down to them if they put him out for stud or not.

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    A Reputable Breeder

    It's so nice to see folks like you out there who do the right thing by the animals in their homes.

    Good Job!!!




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