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    My cat is sick - please help!!!

    She's 3-4 years old. Of Persian and I believe Bobtail extraction.

    For the past several days now, she's been vomiting, her stool is either very liquid or has small pieces of fecal matter or sometimes both, and she doesn't want to eat. She drinks only warm water, but before that she drank regular cool water. She's visibly depressed, but still plays around. This has never happened before.

    Before I take her to a vet, I got two questions:

    1. Normally, is a cat's nose supposed to be cold and wet to the touch?
    2. From the symptoms I described above, what could be the problem? Is it a cat's cold, some virus, maybe food poisoning?

    Please help, thank you!!!

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    Cats do have damp noses, but not wet. Does she have discharge from her nose? Or any sneezing? They are symptoms of a URI, along with discharge from the eyes.

    If your cat is vomitting or has diarrhoea for more than 24 hours they can get dehydrated very quickly, especially if they're vomiting AND have diarrhoea.
    You need to get your cat to a Vet asap, so they can get fluids into her, then they can start figuring out what's wrong.

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    Get her to a vet quickly. This could be feline lukimia, distemper, or any other number of deseases cats are prone to. She needs to see a vet NOW.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    My first thought is something called Coccidia; which is an internal parasite that causes vomiting and diarrhea. It's very common, especially among cats. It's usually found in the dirt outside and could have been tracked in on your shoes. She needs a broad-spectrum antibiotic called Albon which is only available through your vet. So I agree with the other two--take her in ASAP!

    Good luck and please keep us posted!

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    Yes VET ASAP.... hav just had the same with my 6mth old persian boy & he ended up having to hav IV sub & antiemetic injection to stop vomiting, plus antibiotics.....
    When I bought him home I feed him on I/D feline cat food... its only available at Vets & is especially formulated for upset intestines.

    He still has chronic diarrohea after 3 wks & is having further fecal tests done

    Please don't wait get to the vets straight away

    When he is on eating again... give 2-3 teaspoons of Acidophalas yogurt.. its good for the good bacteria in his tummy to build up again I giv my boy it 3 times a day & was told to do this by the vet

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    My vet found that after contacting specialists at University he had a food allergy.. quite common.. he can't hav any raw meat that contains beef, lamb, chicken all any meat that is usually in canned meat to the country
    you live in...I give him dry food that is only from Vets & is Gastro-intestinal correct for him & raw meat feed him rabbit, venison heart any meat that is wild & not processed & he has never looked back..
    Food allergies have found are very common with cats & dogs now..
    so too any pet owners that are stressing try a alternative food source...should know after spending $2000.00 in vets fees & hav a very happy healthy cat & stress free owner



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