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    Bonding of my Dog?

    How can I know if my dog has bonding with me?

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    Re: Bonding of my Dog?

    You should know that the dog has understood and bonded with you if he likes to spend time with you, obeys your command to fetch things, starts to jump on you, likes to sit on your knees and wants to wake you up in the morning.

    Research proves that dogs are among the most loving and loyal creatures on earth. The moment they trust you as their owner, they’ll remain faithful forever. This is reason enough to trust and love your dog more.

    Due to the nature of our day to day activities and busy schedules, you may lack the time to bond with your pet. If this is your case, you must set adequate time when you’re off duty to bond with your dog.

    Dogs are also known to be one of the most emotional creatures. Before a dog becomes loyal to you, it must first trust you.

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    Re: Bonding of my Dog?

    Welcome to both of you. However, the thread was sent for moderation by the forum software and hence it was looked at closely.

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    Re: Bonding of my Dog?

    It takes time to bond. I rescued my dog when she was 2 1/2 years old. She was quite a handful in the early months and it wasn't until a good 6 months after I had her that we began bonding. And that was just the beginning of an amazing friendship. Now 10 years later, with her having turned into my little old lady, gray hairs and all... I get teary eyed thinking of the day when she will pass on .
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    Re: Bonding of my Dog?

    That's a very touching post, Gabora. You clearly have a very close bond with your dog. Our latest dog (not the one in my avatar) was from a refuge and is very close to us.



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