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    The amazing morning walk

    This morning (August 13) I went for a morning walk down the road and it was so peaceful... I could hear the birds chirp... the wind blowing... then out of no where I heard something in the wild forest. I look to see a black bear run out of the bush about 15 yards (45 feet) in front of me.
    Then I saw two cubs follow it (bears are known to attack the most when with cubs in an effort to keep there cubs safe. I remembered reading a book on animals behaviours and instincts and one thing it said was that if a prey freezes its predator will not even realize its there. So that?s what I did.
    The bears were very beautiful and amazing creatures. I also noticed that they run almost identical to cats and dogs. There snouts were brown and there eyes were black as well.
    Once they crossed the road I stood there remembering that amazing moment. Then I continued my walk.

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    Re: The amazing morning walk

    What an amazing experience! You were indeed privileged to have seen them. There is a good page here, although I don't agree with the advice given there about what to do if you meet one (The advice you found is better):

    BTW, your mention of feet and yards made me smile. These measures are more or less extinct except in Canada and the USA. It reminded me of primary school in the 1950s in the UK, when we had to learn all the weird irregular imperial measures by heart (12in=1ft; 3 ft=1yd; 22yd=1ch; 10ch=1fur; 8fur=1mi)!

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    Re: The amazing morning walk

    Thank you. Lately I?ve been surprised by the reality of animals. Many people think you have to have professional training to get within half a mile to a wild animal. Really, I see it as they have better sense of smell, lower sense of sight, etc. But they have the same level of awareness as humans.
    You can sneak up really close to a deer just like you can to a human, but deer have a better advantage because they can hear much better than a human.
    For an example, the other day I saw a white tale deer on the road and it?s back was facing me and I got about 20 yards (60 feet) and it turned around, looked directly at me but I stood still and turned back around and continued to eat the grass (that?s another huge advantage humans have over animals).



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