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    Around the world-common animals seen

    Hello everyone!
    I couldn?t help but notice that there are many people on this forum and they live all over the world. Some in France and others in America, I can hardly find two people they live in the same country. I thought why not ask what are animals that you see pretty much every day.
    So, what animals do you see pretty much everyday? I live up Canada and I normally see many white tailed deer, the odd elk and sometimes a moose. I often see foxes and coyotes as well as squirrels and there are many rabbits but there so hard to find. I have never seen a wolf before or a cougar. I have seen one bobcat. We see the odd black bear as well.

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    Re: Around the world-common animals seen

    Here in rural France, we see hedgehogs (although less than before owing to hedge destruction - grrr), lots of crows, the odd fox. In the forests there are wild boar, pheasants, etc.

    We also have three alpacas, but they live with us, they are not wild!

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    Re: Around the world-common animals seen

    Really? Never in my life have I seen a wild hedgehog or boar.



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