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Thread: The sand cat

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    The sand cat

    The sand cat is my most favourite animal. This animal is not only cute and fluffy but it?s a very intelligent animal as well. There ears are extremely good at detecting movement as the furry little creature hunts at night.
    The sand cat will excavate a den with its bare paw. The creature sweats as it looks at its new den as if saying I am one with the paw.
    It then takes pride and sits in its den until dusk. When night time comes it goes out in search of its favourite meal... the gerbil. It walks above the ground listening for any movement under the surface.
    Once it hears a gerbil, it digs. It digs until it sees its prey then it consumes it. This sand cat also eats other rodents as well as birds... it eats the odd lizard or snake as well. The sand cat usually travels for an average of 5.4 km a night in search of food. According to the Tuareg people, the sand cat is capable of killing a venomous snake.
    The female gives birth to an average of 3 cubs which are ready to mate at 1 year old. The cubs become independent at about 7 months.
    These sand cats can grow to a length of 45-57cm (18-22 1/2in), the tail being 28-35cm (11-14in), and can weigh from 1.5-3.5kg (3 1/4-7 3/4lb).

    Just so you all know my background is a picture of a sand cat.

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    Re: The sand cat

    Caracal, how about some photos? If you keep on adding material to this thread, I will later promote it to an article or blog.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Re: The sand cat

    Yes, for sure! I find these cat’s are so adorable and cute! Here are two of my most favourite pictures.

    Name:  BDA03A7F-D82C-4629-85CE-345D05B3D0DF.jpeg
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    Name:  BAC4B089-F4E4-48AB-BE9F-BD5DCC62A0D4.jpeg
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    Re: The sand cat

    One of my biggest dreams I want to accomplish is to go to to Northern Africa or Central Asia and study these cute creatures.they are very rare but I think if I try hard enough I should be able to find a small family of sand cats.

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    Re: The sand cat

    Last year I loved cats so much that during school on my break while all the other kids where playing games in the gym or on their phones, I was in the library searching up about cats. I learned pretty much every trick one could possibly teach their cat and I tried a lot of the tricks on my own cat.
    I learned a lot about cats from how to properly hold them to how to teach a cat to use the toilet. Then afterwords I started learning about the breeds and different types of cats. My name caracal is a type of wild cat just so you know.
    I thought I knew all of the breeds of house cats and all the types of wild cats there were then I found one more wild cat... The sand cat. I tried looking up on the web and on youTube but I couldn’t find much.
    Recently I bought a book called Animal by David Burnie. It talks about over 2000 species of animals (and invertebrates) and I was surprised to find the sand cat. It described it in good detail and said where it lived which was all I needed to know and ever since I have loved the sand cat.

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    Re: The sand cat

    Thanks for the photos! They are indeed interesting creatures. If you can add some more detailed information about sand cats, I will compile your posts and promote them into an article and/or blog.

    Great work!

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    Re: The sand cat

    The Sand Cat species is made up of several subspecies. The two main subspecies are African sand cats and Asian sand cats. The Sand cat is capable of surviving in both extremely hot and cool temperatures from 23 F (-5 C) to 126 F (52 C). The sand cat is mainly adapted to heat with its extra big ears helping it to not over heat.
    The Sand Cat needs such little water it gets all the moisture it needs from its food but it will have the odd sip of water when possible.

    I hope you love this creature as much as I do.

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    Re: The sand cat

    Thank you. I will compile this thread into an article in the next few days, all being well.

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    Re: The sand cat

    Thank you so much! I’d really appreciate that!

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    Re: The sand cat

    Thank you for this article, Caracal!



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