The sand cat is my most favourite animal. This animal is not only cute and fluffy but it?s a very intelligent animal as well. There ears are extremely good at detecting movement as the furry little creature hunts at night.
The sand cat will excavate a den with its bare paw. The creature sweats as it looks at its new den as if saying I am one with the paw.
It then takes pride and sits in its den until dusk. When night time comes it goes out in search of its favourite meal... the gerbil. It walks above the ground listening for any movement under the surface.
Once it hears a gerbil, it digs. It digs until it sees its prey then it consumes it. This sand cat also eats other rodents as well as birds... it eats the odd lizard or snake as well. The sand cat usually travels for an average of 5.4 km a night in search of food. According to the Tuareg people, the sand cat is capable of killing a venomous snake.
The female gives birth to an average of 3 cubs which are ready to mate at 1 year old. The cubs become independent at about 7 months.
These sand cats can grow to a length of 45-57cm (18-22 1/2in), the tail being 28-35cm (11-14in), and can weigh from 1.5-3.5kg (3 1/4-7 3/4lb).

Just so you all know my background is a picture of a sand cat.