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    Questions about Rabbits


    I am very interested in getting a pet rabbit and I have done some research online about caring for one but I still have some specific questions that I cant seem to find the answers to. Anyway, here are my questions, does the size/type of rabbit matter, are bigger rabbits more comfortable outside of cages? Or is fine to keep small rabbits out of a cage as well. Do smaller rabbit have to use the litter box more? Are bigger rabbits smarter than small ones? I would prefer a smaller rabbit, but if bigger rabbits are better for living outside of a cage then I would prefer a bigger one.
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    Re: Questions about Rabbits

    A very warm to the forum!

    The size of a rabbit is only of significance in the following ways:

    the larger the rabbit, the larger the hutch needed;
    the larger the rabbit, the larger the quantity of food and water needed.

    Intelligence does not vary according to size. It is desirable for rabbits, no matter their size, to have company during the day and the opportunity to explore a bit outside their hutches. This depends also on whether you have other animals in your home - e.g. cats or dogs. That could frighten a rabbit and could (depending on the dog or cat's size and temperament) present a danger of attack. But if you let the rabbit out in your room, for example, with the door locked to prevent entry from outside, then it is still possible to let the rabbit explore a bit. But of course - be prepared for dropping or urine. So paper on the floor is an essential. Otherwise, if you have no other animals, you could create a rabbit run (securely fenced in with metal grill of small grid size), but watch closely, as rabbits are great burrowers and could burrow underneath. So it needs careful preparation to prevent escapes.

    Every best wish!



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