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Thread: My ranchu

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    My ranchu

    This is carrots! My new ranchu for the 40 gallon. I got him a week and a half ago. I originally bought an oranda too, but it ended up with dropsy. I treated for bacterial with no success, and I couldn’t get any praziquantel (parasite med that kills dropsy causing parasites) in time because of COVID-19, he got bad enough to the point where his kidneys obviously weren’t functioning, so I had to euthanize him. Luckily, the little ranchu is doing great! I gave him a round of parasite meds as a precautionary quarantine measure. I am trying to come up with stocking ideas. Eventually, I’ll get another one so he has friend, but I’m waiting a bit till this whole pandemic dies down and everything. I’m also thinking about a few hillstream loaches or weather loaches for the tank. Looking for ideas!

    This is the little ranchu. He’s sooo cute! I call him carrots.

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    Re: My ranchu

    Lovely photos. I am sure that you will take great care of him. When the Covid crisis is over (when will that be?!), I think a friend for him would be a good idea - as you said.

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    Re: My ranchu

    Yes, once things settle down a little I really want to get him a buddy. I’m still considering a bottom dweller, but I’m unsure. I was thinking about a school of dojo loaches or hillstreams, but I’m a little afraid of overstocking (since the goldies will get 6-8 inches and make quite a bit of waste). I’m not gonna worry to much about that right now though. I really want to change the scape up a little and get it a lot more heavily planted. So far the little ranchu hasn’t cared about the plants (he hasn’t even bothered the hornwort), so I wanna make it really heavily planted, maybe make some java moss trees once the java moss grows out.

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    Re: My ranchu

    Looks like a cute little fish :)
    I couldn’t help but notice your location thing says you live in the Pacific Northwest. Do you live in a boat on the ocean?

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    Re: My ranchu

    Quote Originally Posted by Caracal View Post
    Looks like a cute little fish :)
    I couldn?t help but notice your location thing says you live in the Pacific Northwest. Do you live in a boat on the ocean?
    No, I lived in Oregon at the time I created my account, but have since moved and was forced to rehome the little ranchu. She went to a wonderful home though. A lady with a 180 gallon planted goldfish aquarium took her. I am now in a different state with just my 10 gallon walstad betta tank.

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    Re: My ranchu

    Really? I have never been there before. Maybe some day I can get rich by training other peoples dogs and go there lol



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