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    14 yr old, Chocolate Lab with severely swollen ear

    This has been ongoing now for about 5-6 wks.. our vet opened the ear, drained it and gave an antibiotic. Back in ten days to remove sutures. Still swollen, vet sent him home with amoxicillin, 250mg 3/day . Back at vets five days later and we’re told he has to operate and drain it again. Five days later no improvement, vet added Novox 100mg 1/day. Long story short he’s now taking both meds five days later and little to no improvement. We’re in a farm/ranch community. We’ve used this vet for yrs. no other vet within about 40 mi.. anyone here that has dealt with this problem?
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    Re: 14 yr old, Chocolate Lab with severely swollen ear

    It is difficult for anyone to comment, as a swollen ear could have many possible causes. It needs close examination by a vet. If your current vet's treatments are not working, you need to tell him so clearly - or else go to another vet, even if a long way away. A second opinion would be a wise precaution, I think.

    Every best wish to you and your dog. Please keep us updated on what happens.

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    Re: 14 yr old, Chocolate Lab with severely swollen ear

    Thank you for your response! My husband had Amber back at our vet today. He told my husband it is a difficult infection to treat, that progress will be slow and we’d have to be patient. Our lab is dealing with this better than we are! She’s a sweet soul! We have a much younger dog, a rescue that we’ve had for almost a year and she is so impatient, wanting to be with her best fur-friend. So, from what I’ve read online and what our vet had to say today, we will all be patient!

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    Re: 14 yr old, Chocolate Lab with severely swollen ear

    You're very welcome. We are here to help. If things don't improve in the next couple of weeks or so, then a second opinion would be what I would go for - but it is up to you.

    Please come back soon and let us know how things are progressing.



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