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    Super hyped, new tank!

    My family is letting me get an indoor land snail tank! Is a 5.5 gallon, I already bought it and need to pick it up at the store. I need ideas! I really want a pair of pacific sideband or grove snails, but I can’t find any this time of year cause the are sleeping the winter out. I am thinking of bringing my helix aspersas inside for the winter, then moving them back to the outdoor terrarium in spring and getting a pacific sideband or grove snail. What do y’all think? I am gonna need help scaping it to, I will post pics when I get it so people can give their opinions.

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    Re: Super hyped, new tank!

    arrived! Just finished getting it all set up. What do ya’ll think?

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    Re: Super hyped, new tank!

    Looks great!

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    Re: Super hyped, new tank!

    Thanks! I’m thinking (for the snails sakes) that it needs some plant life and a turned over pot (or cave) for them to sleep in.

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    Re: Super hyped, new tank!

    Great scaping LittleGoldenSnail! I definitely agree that with some plant life the tank will come to life!
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    Re: Super hyped, new tank!

    Update: I took out the wood entirely and went out and found a chunk of tree bark covered in moss and lichen. I also brought three little helix aspersas inside to live in the terrarium.

    This one had to be memed.

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    Re: Super hyped, new tank!

    That's one lucky snail!



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