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    Crazy snail lady

    Hi, I’m in Oregon. I have a cat, my 21 snails and my betta.

    Shadow (the cat) is a goof. She is extremely needy and follows me everywhere. She is black and fluffy, has huge round eyes and a broken meow.

    My betta I bought as a baby. his name is Rosencross. He is one year old as of October. He’s just a little red plakat, but he’s full of character and gets all happy when I put my hand in the tank cause he loves to play with me. He’s in a 10 gallon planted tank (cycled, heated, filtered with almond leaves).
    9 of the snails are aquatic and live in Rosencross’s tank. There are two ramshorns, four mystery snails (one is a baby), two nerite snails and a yellow rabbit snail. The tank is a little small for the rabbit, but I hope to get a 20 in the future and he is only about a centimeter long right now (he’s a baby to).
    Tank has 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and nitrates sit at around 5 ppm (plants consume a lot and I do weekly water changes).

    For land snails I have 12 helix aspersas (that are sleeping the winter out right now (they are kept outdoors). I am getting a 5.5 gallon terrarium soon and am gonna have some land snails inside, but have yet to decide which kinds.

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    Re: Crazy snail lady

    A very warm welcome to Animal Forum!

    Thank you for telling us about companion animals. I don't think that we have had a person with lots of snails before. Fascinating!

    Feel free to post some photos if you wish. It would be good to see what your tank, betta and snails look like.
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    Re: Crazy snail lady

    This pic is rosencross

    This is the yellow rabbit snail

    share images
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    Re: Crazy snail lady

    Interesting colours



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