hi everyone i understand this forum doesnt give verterinary advice as im not actually looking for any. im just looking for help id-ing this crusty stuff that i found in my dogs (he's a labrador) coat.im taking my dog to the vet on tuesday as they are apparently "very busy" that i couldnt leave a sample down for them to just look at. so lately ive been seeing this browny red (rusty) crust attached to my dogs coat hairs on his back. it like forms little clusters of dirt which binds the hair together. strangely the cluster can slide of the hair but when this is done it usually pulls all the hair bond with it out. its very wierd. my dog is up to date with all his wormers, flea, tick prevention (advocate) etc. so im not sure what it is. i though at first it was flea dirt but after looking at it closely and looking for fleas i dont think it is.. as the advocate will kill the fleas... also just looking at my dog you wouldnt see any visible thing wronge with him, its only if you go deep into the hair (i first found this stuff behind his neck when i was straching him). its now spread to the leangth of his entire back. it mainly seems to form clusters/clumps near the bottom of the hair (near the folicle bit) so thats probably why i dont see it at first glance? he doesnt seem to be bothered by it as i dont see him stratching, or licking at it. im mainly just unsure what it is and if it can affect my other pets (two rabbits) and us? any ideas ? ill attach a photo off it as i was looking at it through a digital microscope erlier, i didnt see anything living, but then again i can really identify these things! it looks more crusty in the picture (sry if it looks broken up in the zoomed out pic its because i had been looking at it for quite awhile at every angle and thus clumps broke off!) and when i tried to break it using water it didnt really do much. so any ideas or advice would be appreciateed! i will add he is a lab who is prone to sensitive skin. but ive never seen this before. should i be worried?
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