Hi there,

​​​​​​​I currently own an Anatolian Shepherd and since I already have one great dog from a guard breed I'm now looking to get a good protective dog from a hunting breed. My first thought was a Rhodesian Ridgeback or Blackmouth Cur, but originally being from the south and having some familiarity with these dogs while down there I'm afraid that they don't have the coat to withstand the extreme cold up here. I like to knock around in the mountains and Cross Country ski during the winter and would like the pup to be able accompany me. An Akita seems like it would would work but I'm concerned in about their aggressiveness towards other dogs and while eating. Norwegian Elkhound seems great but I prefer larger breeds that can get up to 80 lbs or greater.

Does anyone have any breed types they'd like to suggest or share whether they think there's ways a dog like the Blackmouth could enjoy the outdoors during winter?

Thank you.